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   Eco B&B and Venue   



Set high in the hills in a rural valley just outside Simou village in Paphos sits The Yurts; a unique sustainable and offgrid ecological Bed and Breakfast. The land faces the sunsets where you can enjoy panoramic, breathtaking views from anywhere on the property.


The project houses 3 authentic Mongolian Yurts as well as a newly built wooden cabin and is open all year round, equally popular with families, couples, small groups as well as individual travelers (it is a pet friendly property, one of few in Cyprus and welcomes well-behaved dogs!)

"Yurts in Cyprus" was founded by Pawel Sikorski in 2013 and he has watched it develop beyond his wildest dreams. "People often ask me how I came up with this idea. When you're a child you're free to create magical places - dens, tree houses, secret hideaways... The Yurts are pretty much about that. I wanted to create a space for people to connect to themselves. I turned that vision into a ecological B&B lifestyle business so people don't think I'm crazy when I go to the village coffee shop" he says with a cheeky smile.

Pawel, originally from Poland, moved to Cyprus in 2009 to take a break from a career driven life in hotel industry. He was involved in property management and horse riding businesses for a number of years whilst the idea of creating a "sanctuary" was building and churning in him.


Pawel is committed to ensuring that Yurts in Cyprus is a sustainable, off-grid project which aims toward making travel and living sustainable. He runs The Yurts off an ongoing permaculture design, with its own electricity generation and a grey water system in place (See our full Environmental Policy Here)

Pawel is working to develop this love of nature further and hope to be able to translate this knowledge into a creative educational and resource centre in the future (Watch this space)

There is already an established event venue space here which is regularly used for concerts, workshops, yoga, festivals and seminars 

We have a host of activities that are available (See our Things to See & Do) however, we find the delight arises from the peace, tranquility, nature and abundant space that we are surrounded by so that you can pause and take some time out from daily life and enjoy quality time with your loved one(s) or individually - away from the distractions of daily life. Check out our reviews to see what others felt about their stay here in The Yurts.

All seasons have their own beauty and the Yurts is a perfect setting for you to experience this but we especially enjoy the periods outside the hot summer sun when you can explore the area and its many abandoned villages on foot or bicycle. The night sky will have you standing with your mouth open - no light pollution so you can enjoy observing constellations, planetary procession and the annual meteor shower in August!

Pawel 's love in running a sustainable business is to hopefully inspire others in making the shift towards a more environmentally friendly home or work area and forging a deeper connection to the healing benefits of nature.

When you don't find Pawel  at The Yurts, in the garden or kitchen or building the next cabin, you will find him out climbing, hiking, foraging or enjoying friends if he is not traveling!



We offer accomodation in 3 authentic Mongolian yurts : Nasu, Engke and Qadan as well as "The Wooden Cabin;" Koliba.  Each yurt is elegantly furnished and has its own private shower and toilet outside. All three Yurts are ethically sourced from workshops in Mongolia which promote Fair Trade Practices and ensure a 'clean' supply chain of all materials. Each Yurt is comprised of authentic materials detailing the original process of construction. The roof poles and lattice walls are tied together with horse hair as well as camel hide being utilized to strengthen the overall structure. We took the Yurts outta Mongolia, but certainly didn't take the mongolian outta the yurts! 

Each Yurt is attractively spaced out - approx 50m-80m apart - to allow maximum privacy for our guests to unwind, relax and connect with themselves whilst breathing in the breath-taking views across the valley.

The Yurts have their own private deck or patio with its own hammock and we provide portable Bluetooth rechargeable speakers within each Yurt so you can add your own music over the background of nature's elements. We offer tea and coffee making facilities within your Yurt as well as complimentary water refillable bottles for you (Please don't bring your plastic to us!)

Every Yurt has its own wood burner and ample wood is stocked for your visit so you can rest assured you'll be warm enough and during the summer months, the "natural" air conditioning will keep you cool (some of our guests asked for winter duvets in August!).

Nasu, which translates to "Long Life" in Mongolian, is the closest to the entrance and has a large wooden balcony facing the sunset. It is one of 2 family yurts with 2 single futons available for single use and a king size bed, sleeping 4 in total.

Engke, also a family yurt, translates to "Peaceful" and offers the most seclusion in its set back location with a stone patio facing the gorge. A small waterfall nearby creates a soothing sound of cascading water in the winter.

Qadan, placed at the bottom of the land, means "Cliff", aptly named as it sits right above a ravine which abundantly flows with water in winter. Qadan sleeps 2 people in its king size bed.

There is true magic in these beautiful Mongolian nomad dwellings and watching the huge smiles and sparkly eyes on our guests faces when we show them in is testament to the magic felt.

Koliba, which means "Wooden Shelter" in many languages, sits at the highest point on the land and is a beautifully self contained cabin that sleeps up to 4. Adults sleep in its king size bed whilst children climb up to a mezzanine level above and share a double bed. Koliba, also benefiting from its private shower and toilet outside, has a large decked patio overlooking the mountains and the Yurts. There is a small kitchenette for light cooking, refrigerator and wood burner.  Koliba is a beautifully crafted wooden cabin, 100% hand made on site by us. 


We are delighted to offer you an ecological friendly stay within nature with us, demonstrating that being conscious towards the planet needn't be uncomfortable and to experience wilderness without really roughing it!



Free Breakfast


Delicious breakfast is served each morning at The Straw House.

We cater for all dietary requirements - just let us know in advance.

Home Cooked With Love Dinner
We'll be happy to cook dinner for you: 
Vegetarian or Vegan (sorry, we don't cook meat).
We ask for a day's notice and cater for any dietary requests.
We use local, fresh ingredients so our menu changes all the time and is based on what's available.
Get in touch for details!
Bike Hire

We have mountain bikes available for hire. You don't have to be super fit - there's an almost flat track that takes you into the forest. No traffic to worry about!

Free Dog Guided Walks

Shukra, our dog, will be ecstatic to take you for a long or short walk.

We have different routes stored on a hand held GPS, but apparently Shukra is more fun to follow. 

Honesty Mini Bar


For your convenience we have a well stocked bar with beers, wine, spirits and soft drinks at friendly prices.

Free Wifi

WiFi is available on the entire property including the yurts.

It is your choice how you use it.





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Horse Riding 


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Star Gazing 

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Hammock and Book Reading

Read and swing your afternoon's away. 

Bird Watching 


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Beach, Nature & Water Sports 


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Visiting villages 

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Do Nothing

Have a quality time with yourself or your loved ones.


“II can't say enough good things. The location is fantastic. Its remote and peaceful. We loved walking about in the area. Many great photo opportunities. Our Yurt was meticulously clean. Pawel is the most gracious host.  One night was not enough. I'd go back tomorrow If I could.”

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