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From Greater Flamingo's to Laughing Dove's, Cyprus's biodiversity is vast (due to migrating routes). Bird watchers, actually, all wildlife lovers, will be pleased here.


Here at The Yurts, we are situated right in the middle of the Important Bird Area (IBA)/Evretou Dam.

Asprogremmos Dam is regarded as one of the most studding hidden spots to visit on the west of the island, this man-made reservoir attracts the Long-Legged Buzzard, Bonelli’s Eagle, Grey Heron, Blue Rock Thrush and more.

Akamas Peninsula, also right here in Paphos district is another gorgeous spot on the west of the island, few people make the effort to visit the area in the autumn and winter. But the cooler autumn climate make for a fantastic time to explore the vicinity, which stands as a coastal waterbird passage. What can you expect to see in the autumn and winter months? Head straight to Avakas Gorge when it gets a little colder and you’re more than likely to spot the Wallcreeper. In the wider Akamas area, keep your eyes peeled for the Stonechat, the Cyprus Scops Owl and many more gorgeous birds.

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