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"Yurts in Cyprus" was founded by Pawel Sikorski in 2013, and he has watched it develop beyond his wildest dreams. "People often ask me how I came up with this idea. When you're a child you're free to create magical places - dens, tree houses, secret hideaways... The Yurts are pretty much about that. I wanted to create a space for people to connect to themselves. I turned that vision into a ecological B&B lifestyle business so people don't think I'm crazy when I go to the village coffee shop," he says with a cheeky smile.


Pawel, originally from Poland, moved to Cyprus in 2009 to take a break from a career-driven life in the hotel industry. He was involved in property management and horse riding businesses for years, whilst the idea of creating a "sanctuary" was churning and growing in him.

He is committed to ensuring that Yurts in Cyprus is a sustainable, off-grid project that aims toward making travel and living sustainable. He runs The Yurts off an ongoing permaculture design, with its own electricity generation and a grey water system in place (see the full environmental policy here).

Pawel is working to develop this love of nature further and hopes to be able to translate this knowledge into a creative educational and resource centre in the future. He aims to inspire others to shift towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and forge a deeper connection to the healing benefits of nature.When you don't find him at The Yurts, in the garden, or building the next cabin, you will find him out climbing, hiking, collecting rocks for the next wall, or enjoying friends if he is not traveling!

​The Yurts and surroundings offer a host of activities; however, we find the delight arises from the peace, tranquility, nature, and abundant space that we are surrounded by. Here, you can pause, take some time out from daily life, and enjoy quality time with your loved one(s) or individually - away from the distractions of everyday life. Check out our reviews to see how others felt about their stay here in The Yurts.

All seasons have their own beauty, and The Yurts are a perfect setting for you to experience this. We especially enjoy the periods out of the hot summer sun when you can explore the area and its many abandoned villages on foot or by bicycle.

The night sky will have you standing with your mouth open - no light pollution, so you can enjoy observing constellations, planetary procession, and the annual meteor shower in August!

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