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Rock climbing in Cyprus is more varied than many of the other areas around the Mediterranean.

Unusually, there is a greater quantity of recorded traditional routes than sports, and the rock type is more complex than simply limestone.

The climate here is amongst the best in Europe, therefore offering an all year round experience, with the optimum times to visit being spring and autumn. Combine this with its variety of other outdoor activities, then it makes a good choice as a climbing holiday location, especially if the party includes non climbing members!

Droushia/Ineia (approx 20 mins drive) has a wealth of both sports and traditional climbs with a healthy dose of bouldering thrown in. The Droushia/Ineia rock is a form of sandstone (thought to be metamorphized) and there are routes here for all skills and experiences.

You can find tons of useful info and topos here:

Let us know what type of climbing you're in for and we can direct you to some beautiful crags for your next meeting with yourself!! ;)

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