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Hiking is a wonderful opportunity to let go of trying to reach something or somewhere; the final destination is not really what matters. Hiking is not a competition. Hiking allows us to step back and enjoy the beauty of silence and the sounds of nature. To listen to the rhythm of our breath, looking at the small details or loosing ourselves in the look of a magnificent scenery. When we hike, we often find ourselves feeling fully immersed in the nature surrounding us. It helps in putting things again in the right perspective.  The need of constant background noise and being connected to our phones, fade. The need of talking lessens. It’s not the place for words, unless they are spoken by nature.


Take one of our many guided walks.

We have a Garmin handheld GPS, as well

as a gorgeous doggie companion! 

You can relax and take in the many abandoned turkish cypriot villages as well a visit to the Evretou Dam. There's also a really nice trail from the famous Skarfos Bridge.

Ask us what you're after and we're happy 

to point you in the right direction!

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