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Turn Up. Disconnect. Be.

In our too-busy culture, doing "nothing" carries a stigma — it is regarded as being lazy and unmotivated - something most people will do a lot to avoid.

But all that busyness exhaust's the nervous system. Modern day science, especially in the fields of neuroscience are discovering it can kill our ability to be productive and creative, derailing us at work and in our personal lives.

But actuaaaaaaaly... Idleness stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (See Yoga & Massage) , which brings a host of healthful outcomes, including good digestion and a reduced heart rate, not to mention better moods >better relationships>feeling connected>smoother sleeping>happiness :)

Find your inner artist. Catch up on your book (See Hammock & Book Reading for help) Connect with your loved ones.

With moments of 'niente', stress levels reduce as we slow down and look at the world in a different light. It is at these times that we can appreciate the simple things in life.

So go on, do nothing, it's allowed here.

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