Yoga & Massage

Xenia Rose is a 200 hour Certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYS®), 150 hours Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and a certified Ayurvedic Masseur Practitioner and as well as holding her certification in Permaculture. During her many travels throughout India and Nepal for the past 14 years she has undertaken many workshops, seminars and modules in Yoga Philosophy, its history & culture, as well as tapping into the ancient healing tradition of Chinese Medicine with training’s across Europe. 

A faithful meditator for more than 13 years as well as a devoted student of the Shambhala Tradition which has its roots in the Tibetan Lineage of Buddhism, Xenia is also a graduating member of the London School of Astrology’s online sister school ‘Mayo

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School of Astrology’ and is currently working towards her accreditation with the Jeffery Wolf Green method of Evolutionary Astrology.

Xenia combines these age old paths of wisdom alongside a cool blend of biohacking research, gratitude and nutrition and is especially inspired by the developments within the neurological fields of science and the works of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk in the Somatic Therapy fields and the advancements their work, among others, is heralding. Simply because she is fascinated by human performance and the evolution of our consciousness as a species for the much needed salvation of this extraordinary planet we call Earth and Home.

She believes that true healing and total integration of all aspects of self is a mind, body and spirit alliance and that we cannot approach one aspect without looking at the whole system. Hers is not a path of rituals, magic or movement only, for isolation of any aspect of either mind, body or soul may only heighten a fragmentation, therefore she works with clients across all three to bring about a full transformational process in awakening, recognition, acceptance and ultimately; nurturing of self.

Xenia's main focus is on an individual approach and custom made classes. You don't need any previous experience or knowledge. As a famous yoga teacher TKV Desikachar used to say: "Yoga must be adapted to an individuals needs, expectations and possibilities, rather than adapting an individuals needs, expectations and possibilities to Yoga." The authenticity of these teachings inspires her to keep passing the knowledge and techniques delicately and professionally.   (In case you don't have your own yoga mat we will provide one)

Great Location

Our yoga platform is hidden in a very special tranquil and private spot of Sarama on the edge of a lush green Mediterranean hillside forest

with a breathtaking mountain view. A heart stirring view of nature revealing itself from our Yoga platform is to enjoy during the practice.

We believe an ideal yoga group shouldn't be bigger than 5 to 7 people, so everyone gets full alignment and attention in a regular class. Yoga practices go in perfect harmony with this special environment and provides a welcoming space to get the most of Yoga and Ayurveda Healing Massage.

In creation of harmony in ourselves, we are then empowered to create harmony in our families and communities. Yoga & Massage provide a beautiful gateway as a powerful and humbling instrument for this positive transformation.

Xenia teaches Gentle Hatha Classes, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Sequences and Spirituality Orientated Yin Classes

Available for private and group classes 

Private Class: €20 

Couples Yoga: €35 Couple

Group (3 or more): €15 each

Ayurvedic Massage: €40

Book your space on the mat or table when making your initial booking!